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Peter Sexton is the pseudonym of Raul Melendez, an award-winning author of crime fiction. Raul was born on December 25, a birthday he shares with the likes of Sir Isaac Newton, Sissy Spacek, and most notably, Rod Serling, creator of The Twilight Zone.

As a writer, Raul prefers to delve into the psychological aspects of a story, the why of it, rather than the how, when or who. It is his belief that, especially with mystery and crime stories, readers are far more interested and intrigued by the motivations of the villains. The whodunit puzzle, in all honesty, bores him. That being said, some stories he has truly enjoyed reading have been whodunits. However, in his own writing, the stories are almost always focused on the question of why.

Two questions that are often asked of Raul: 1) Why do you choose to use a pseudonym? and, 2) How did you come up with Peter Sexton? In answer to the first question: As writers, we find inspiration in every corner of our real worlds, every person we meet, every place we visit, every conversation we have, every relationship (personal and professional) we have, writing under a pseudnym affords us the slightest bit of autonomy. It puts our friends and family at ease, eleviating the anxiety that they might see themselves in one of our stories. They are still there, of course, only now they have a modicum of deniability. In answer to the second question: The first novel for which he received serious interest from New York publishers was a Police Procedural entitled Mercy Street. While he was madly outlining the main events for this novel, the song "Mercy Street" by Peter Gabriel was playing in the background. This particular song was dedicated by Gabriel to the late poet, Anne Sexton. And that is where the name Peter Sexton came from.
Praise for Peter Sexton

Peter Sexton makes Chrysanthemum Stone come to life and, by doing so, firmly establishes himself as a writer to watch and follow.
excerpt from a review by Nina Scott,
a reader from Dallas, TX.