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Who is Angela Poole?
Police detective Angela Poole is the youngest woman to make detective for the Oak Hill Police Department, Violent Crimes Division. A creation of author, Peter Sexton, Poole was born one evening when he arrived home very late to find the house and street enveloped in absolute darkness. And when he unlocked and opened the front door, he found that the pitch darkness continued into the home itself. At this very moment, the writer in him kicked in and he asked himself: What if everyone inside is dead?

Several weeks later, when Sexton had all but forgotten the dark evening and the morbid thought, Angela Poole started speaking to him. Sexton grabbed a pen and a piece of paper and started writing feverishly, outlining what would become the first Angela Poole thriller. The more he wrote the more excited (and sad) he became, because he learned an awful lot about young Angela Poole: a resilient woman who conquered the worst of childhood circumstances to eventually grow into a strong, young, confident woman.

Today, in her law enforcement capacity, Det. Angela Poole fights for the weak, the young, the vulnerable, all the while struggling with the tragic elements of her past, the elements that made her the devoted cop she has become.
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