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Peter Sexton has always been a fan of the screenplay format and everything that can be done with it. While a novelist has hundreds of pages in which to develop and tell his story, a screenwriter has approximately ninety, roughly one page of screenplay per minute of movie time. Over the years Sexton has written some stories as original screenplays. This section of the site will be dedicated to those projects, current, past, and future.

The working title for a current Peter Sexton screenplay is "Borrowed Time." It is actually a rewrite of an award-winning screenplay he wrote several years ago under a different title. While he doesn't like talking about the details of unfinished projects, he does say that this story came from his fascination with the inexplicable, and the possible existence of what can be considered as nothing other than a miracle. His goal is to have this screenplay completed and ready to circulate by the end of Summer 2016.

Over the years, while working on the various Chrysanthemum Stone stories, Sexton has often found himself visualizing scenes as though on the big screen. It finally occurred to him that a female assassin extraordinaire would be an excellent subject for a film, maybe even a series of films. So, over the next few months, he will be outlining the first screenplay to feature Chrysanthemum Stone, and will begin writing in mid-2017.

Check back here for progress updates.
As you may have already read elsewhere on this site, Sexton loves both reading and writing short stories. To him, a short story is like a slice of cheesecake: You can't pass one up, and you can never have too many. He is still trying to decide how he wants to handle this section of the site. So for the time being, here are a few words about something he's currently working on and something completed several years ago.

Song of Sangatte
Recently, Sexton participated in a Short Story Challenge sponsored by NYC Midnight. Participants were given a genre, a subject, and a character assignment, then given eight days in which to write an original story of 2,500 words or less. My Heat Group were given the following: Romance-A Ghost Town-A Refugee.

While romance is not his genre of choice, this challenge proved to be both entertaining and rewarding. With almost two days to spare, Sexton completed the story entitled Song of Sangatte.

Marguerite, suffering from Alzheimer's Disease, is rapidly losing her memory. In this brief glimpse of her life, we are introduced to her one and only love, Milan, whom she met while working for The Red Cross in France in the 60's. Their very brief encounter produced a son . . . and one of the most heartbreaking romances one could imagine.

Idiot Savant--retitled Beautiful Dreamer
Sexton recently completed a story entitled Beautiful Dreamer. One of the things that he loves about writing is that element of surprise. Often he doesn't know what a story is going to be until he begins writing it. Sure he has some idea, but stories take on lives of their own and tend to move in unforseen directions.

The idea for Beautiful Dreamer came to him one day when the melody of the song "Beautiful Dreamer" got stuck in his head and played over and over most of that entire day. While the tune repeated, he began wondering WHY this tune might play over and over, and WHO would be responsible for it. Before long the characters started to come to life in his head and scenes started to play out.

As it turns out, Beautiful Dreamer is a love story of sorts.

The Fountain of Youth
Peter Sexton's first published story appeared in a now-defunct, small press magazine called Bloodreams more than twenty years ago. It was called "The Fountain of Youth" and it dealt with the origin of the vampire legend.

Two legends that always intrigued Sexton were those of vampires and the fountain of youth. This short story married the two legends in, what he believes was, quite an ingenious way. Perhaps Sexton may soon revisit this story and see if it might warrant submission elsewhere.